Free bird

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Free bird

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Ain’t no real freedom. Even the free bird need a place to rest.


Free bird

We built our love upon straw and paper. We didn’t know love could be set on fire, burn and be forgotten when the straw and paper dispersed to the sky in a smokey haze.

We danced on a blueprint of perfect love, we didn’t know. Love can be poisons and be divided. Be misplaced in poor decisions and actions.

I wanted the freedom and you wanted lasting place and memories. You called me the Free bird that could not stop. I called you dear, honey, baby and my only kind touch. You left me breathless and the beckoning road was forgotten for a time.

I saw in your eyes as you watched me, as you cradle me in your embrace and sang to me.
“Traveling man. Where are…

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When it seems we don’t have enough.
When the sky engulfs the horizon.
When loss only throws shadows on our past.

Where my feet touched ground.
Where the city streets broke innocence.
Where everyday was everything.

What looked so precious from afar trapped behind curtains, behind blinds.
Perpetuating a state of grace, forgiving until you leave it all behind.

I am you.


I understand now why people get dogs.
And what do I really know of the great beyond?
Truth, bulldozing my path.
Pain, my sure-fire escape to a better life.

These years are sailing by
with little more than a trail in the sky.
I fall back into this so easy.
You made my mind stir, the house I built with twigs, the mind that waits until nightfall.

“Oh my..” she whispered,
the room went chill
my eyes went blind,
how I viewed myself
when i fell so far behind.

The snow in my palms, watching the children build forts, making snowmen– repelling adulthood.
The laughter of minds not yet spent, replacing the pain I feel in my head.
Its only temporary.
Not the first or the last.
This too shall pass,
with vigilance..
no regrets.